Disadvantages/Advantages of Micromax Canvas Tab P650

Micromax- the Indian multi-national company had launched its first tablet in Canvas series this September. Micromax had already achieved bench marks in the Indian market by launching great android phones and tablets at reasonable price. The 8-inch Micromax P650 had been launched at an impressive price of Rs.16500 INR. The tablet is giving a great competition to Samsung tablets running successfully in the market and had significantly eaten up the sales Samsung Tab 3. The phone is available in two colors- white and blue. There is enough to boast about the phone but firstly, let’s have a close look on the Disadvantages of Micromax Canvas Tab P650


Disadvantages of Micromax Canvas Tab P650

  • The tablet is too big for the voice calling feature that had been embedded to the tab.
  • The resolution of the tab is bit glossy and low making the picture quality a little dull as compared to other tablets.
  • The tablet is slightly on the expensive side.
  • The ambient light and proximity sensors are absent in the tablet.
  • The tablet has got an A7 processor which is little outdated to the technology. The currently running processor on most of the tabs these days is A9 processor.

Advantages of Micromax Canvas Tab P650

  • The tablet is equipped with latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system
  • It has got a nice design and built.
  • The tablet has got 16 GB internal memory expandable up to 32 GB via memory card.

Specifications of Micromax Canvas Tab P650

  • 1.2 GHz Quad Core processor (A7 processor) for multitasking
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 5 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front camera
  • 8 inch IPS display screen with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Operating system Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • Monstrous battery of 4800mAh
  • Complete Aluminium body
  • 3G, Wi-Fi, micro USB, Bluetooth 3.0, G- sensor
  • Supports the calling feature
  • Offers talk time of 10 hours and internet browsing up to 5 hours.
  • Comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty


Micromax Canvas Tab P650 is a decent tablet and comes with 3G connectivity. But if you are looking to buy this tablet then I will suggest you to go with Samsung Tab 3 at nearly same price. Most of its features are common to Samsung Tab 3. But if you want to use your Canvas Tab for clicking images and calling, then you can go with it. But my personal opinion will be to go with other tablets at this range or even at cheaper prices with similar features.

Disadvantages/Advantages of Loan

A loan is basically a debt that is evidenced by note specifying the interest rate, principal amount, and the date of repayment. The loan issued must be repaid on time to the lender to avoid further harm to any of your assets that had been kept as assurance to the lender. While taking a loan, a borrower lends some money from the lender. These lenders may be people, banks, corporate societies and other sources. The money is paid through installments to the lender with some rate of interest. It is always safe to take loans from financial institutions like banks and corporate societies as they have monetized terms and conditions and low rate of interest as compared to other money lenders. Some of the popular loans that most of the people go for are personal finance, leveraged loan, PIK loan, refund anticipation loan, payday loan, syndicated loan, student loan, and title loan. Though these loans are helpful for many people but they have some severe disadvantages.


  • The loan is a long term debt. It means that you have to pay it for long period of time. You have to pay monthly installments. You have to cut out your salary or savings and pay the loan. Failing to pay the loan amount on time can cause harm to your assured assets.
  • You can face trouble if you miss the installment of loan by paying the penalties and might have to undergo with some legal issues. Most of your assets coming under loan guarantee can be seized.
  • Most of the times, it happens that you are not allowed to pay complete payment at one go, even if you have it. In this case you unnecessary pay the interest to the lender for long term.
  • The rate of interest is quite high on the principle amount and it cannot be borrowed by everyone.

Advantages of loan

Loans are advantageous for people because they offer:

  • Flexibility: The loans after getting approved can be used for any purpose. The loans are mush flexible if taken from friends or relatives.
  • Quick and Fast: The loans generally take an hour to approve or disapprove. If your loan amount is sanctioned then you will receive the amount within few hours.
  • Live savers: These loans make you out from critical situations and you can easily get money during emergency, if you have the guarantee equal or more to the amount you borrow.


I will personally suggest you to go with loans only if you fail to get the amount needed from friends or relatives. If you get the amount from them then you can pay them anytime without any interest. They also understand you situation and arrange for money when needed. You can easily pay them the borrowed amount in installments or at one go without interest.

Disadvantages/Advantages of HP Pavilion G6

HP is one of the leading laptop manufacturing companies of the world and is known for delivering the best quality products. This time HP has launched a fully featured 15.6 inches laptop- HP pavilion G6 costing Rs.32050 INR. It is the best alternative for most of the inexpensive laptops of the world. But in race of launching new products in the market, HP has lost the creativity and finishing of the product that was found earlier in its laptops. It is a good laptop, but is not at all great to buy. Let’s have a close look over some the disadvantages of HP Pavilion G6 laptop.

hp Pavilion g6

Disadvantages of HP Pavilion G6

  1. The core i3 processor in the laptop limits the multi tasking after some level.
  2. It has got slow photo editing capability.
  3. The performance of this laptop is not up to mark in contrast to its price.
  4. Most of its users are complaining about its unusual behavior on charging and off charging. The laptop is working fine when it is on charging and it starts to lag when the charging is removed. This is serious issue with most of the customers.
  5. The service of HP is not up to mark. Most of the users suffer from delay in service at customer support centers.
  6. The sound quality of the laptop is not at all good. It gives a bursting sound most of the times.
  7. The resolution of the laptop is very low due to which most of the HD stuff we run on it looks like a general motion video.
  8. The hard drive of the laptop was used in conventional computer. It is Seagate 7200.4 which slows down overall performance of laptop. It also makes too many noises just like that of click.

Though the laptop has some disadvantages, it also have some advantages that will force you to purchase it.

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Advantages of HP Pavilion G6

  1. The performance of system is good as compared to laptops of its range.
  2. The graphics of the laptop are clear.
  3. The laptop has got good battery life.
  4. 15.6 inches glossy display with resolution of 1366 x 768
  5. Intel Core i3-380 dual core processor
  6. 4 GB DDR3 Ram
  7. 500 GB Hard Drive
  8. No Bluetooth, but integrated web cam
  9. 4200mAh battery
  10. Dimensions of 14.72 x 9.65 x 1.20~1.42 inches


It would be better if you increase your range and go for laptops of Sony or Dell because they are widely in demand and offers better performance then HP. I will personally prefer you to go with Dell Inspiron15.

Disadvantages/Advantages of Apple iPhone 5C, Specifications

Apple as you know is the leading US based mobile company has planned something different for its customers. Apple had launched its new phone 5C for its customers. The looks and performance of the phone doesn’t vary much with respect to Iphone 5S or iphone 5. But in this article we will discuss its advantages and disadvantages and some specifications of the phone. Initially it gained popularity in the market as rumours were there that the phone will cost less as compare to other apple phones and also due to its performance wise but now let’s see how this phone is working in the market. Ok so let ‘s see the Disadvantages of iPhone 5C

Buy Apple iPhone 5C in Discounted Price

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Firstly we will discuss the disadvantages of this phone and what kind of complaints users had with this new Iphone 5C:

  1. This 5C doesn’t have OLED display which has better viewing angles and better response time and this OLED display also consume less battery power.
  2. There is no memory card slot for saving images, videos and your other stuff in the phone.
  3. Only two processing cores are present in this phone due to performance of this phone will decline as user can’t use multitasking facility.
  4. It doesn’t have FM radio so you can’t enjoy your favorite radio stations.
  5. It had non removable battery because of which you cannot switch off your phone by removing the battery if the phone hangs up.
  6. The back panel or body of the phone is made up of plastic.
  7. The price is little high for this 5C.

Buy Apple iPhone 5C in Discounted Price

Every device has some disadvantages but it also have various advantages which are discussed below:

  1. The Iphone 5C comes in various colors.
  2. The phone has high resolution of 8 MP rear cameras and 1.2 MP front camera.
  3. The phone also supports 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  4. This phone also supports the Bluetooth as no other iPhone has this feature.
  5. It has a faster downloading speed.

Specifications of iPhone 5C

  • iOS v7 operating system.
  • 1.3 GHz dual core processor.
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 4 inches display with 640*1136 resolution.
  • 32 GB in-built memory.
  • Non removable battery.
  • 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.


There are other apple smart phones in the market. From the features point of view except Bluetooth all the other features are present in Iphone 4S or Iphone 5. The price of this phone is also not less if

we compare it with other apple smart phone. The only plus point of this phone is that it is available in many colors. The plastic body can break if the phone slips from your hand. But then also if you want to enjoy the new phone of apple Iphone 5C then you can definitely go for this phone.

Disadvantages of X-Ray, The effect on your body

Science is a boon for man kind and curse as well. And so X-ray is, X-Ray is a very good way to detect flaws in the body but it has disadvantages too. In this article you will learn the Major Disadvantages of X-rays and how it affect to your body. Some of the disadvantages are too rare and doesn’t cause everybody

X-ray disadvantages

Drawbacks of X-ray #1: Cell Damage

Yes, X-rays cause damage your body cells. X-rays makes our blood to have higher level of hydrogen peroxide which causes cell damage

Drawbacks of X-ray #2:Cancer

Excessive X-rays can cause cancer to your body. Surveys tells that many of the people who use to get X-Rays regularly end up with cancer. The disadvantages of X rays are that they cause cancer. X rays are created by blasting a person with radiation. That radiation passes through all of the soft tissues, but gets absorbed by bone. This normally amounts to a very small amount of radiation, but over time it can increase the odds of developing cancer. Back when X rays were first used, many technicians became ill from their effects. At that time in history it was not known that radiation caused any health issues.

Drawbacks of X-ray #3: DNA Change

The X-rays are able to change the base of the DNA causing a mutation.

These are the Disadvantages of X-ray, but there are many advantages too. Over all X-ray is very good and helpful in medical treatment But excessive X-radiation can cause lots of problems

Disadvantages of Television, 5 Major Cons

Televisions are no doubt are best way of keeping us updated, however there are lots Disadvantages of Television and that is very dangerous to our daily life and health. Today I am going to describe 5 Major cons of television

Of Course its all depends on you, how you use television in your daily life, let me start the 5 Drawbacks of Television

disadvantages of television

Cons of Television #1 : The best Time consuming device

Its so easy to turn On the television, Take the remote, press on button, Grab some chips and you are ready. But its not easy to get rid of television disadvantages. Television has been the best time wasting or consuming device. Its very hard to get rid of it, well its all depends on the program or show you are watching.

Cons of Television #2 : Effects on Children Education

Another Problem of Television is on children/students, parents don’t care what their children are watching and that affects on their child studies. Students waste their time in front of Television for hours and that really affects on their Academic results

Cons of Television #3 : Effects on health

Television also affects on our health, mostly eye problems. It is said that people who watch television more than 4 hours daily, suffers from Eyesight problem, Heart attack, Obesity, Spine disease, mental disorders etc. According to a report of Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, Australia, which was published on Circle magazine, people who watch TV for more than 4 hour a day have a higher risk (80%) of dying from heart disease compared with those who watch less than two hours.

Cons of Television #4 : False news and False Advertisement

There are many false information or news you will see on television and some times they leads to serious problems. Also lots of advertisements are false, as companies mostly promote their products or services. You may end up choosing the wrong products

Cons of Television #5 : In appropriate contents

Television broadcast good information, however at the same time there are lots of junks and in appropriate contents are broadcast on television which may be in appropriate for children’s. Parents should be careful on what their children’s are watching.

These are the 5 Major Cons of Television, Hope this article helps you to find the disadvantages of Television

Disadvantages of Solar Energy [Article]

Solar Energy is an inexhaustible energy , and it continues to produce the solar power. There are lots of advantages of solar energy, However there are many disadvantages of Solar energy and today I am going to share some of the most dreadful or very good disadvantages of solar energy. The good thing of Solar Energy is that its totally free. Many people has asked me what are some of the disadvantages of Solar energy, so I thought to write an very detailed article.

Disadvantages of solar energy

Drawbacks no.1: Large area required

The biggest Disadvantage to solar energy is it requires large space to setup. Even the residential solar system requires more space.

Drawbacks no.2: High Upfront cost

Another disadvantages of solar energy is the upfront cost to establish the system. There are other ways you can cut the upfront for setting up the Solar power system

Drawbacks no.3: Need enough Sunlight

Solar Panel works from sun light, and so your solar system should be in a place where the sunlight is maximum

Drawbacks no.4: Seasonable

Yes, solar energy is seasonable as sun light is not present always. Like in winter and monsoon we hardly get sunlight and as we know solar panel requires sunlight

Disadvantages of Solar Energy: Breakdown

1) It is seasonal in nature
2) The solar power technology is still at infant stage.
3) Its expensive
4) Cost of installation of solar energy plant is very high.
5) Producing Solar Energy during night is not possible
6) Storage of this form of energy is difficult.

Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 LTE, Specs and Price

Yet another great Tablet from Samsung, The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 LTE, Today we are talking about the disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 LTE. As most of the sites already write about the disadvantages of any device or products. But this is the first site where we focus on Disadvantages of any product or device. Let me start pointing out some of the major disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 LTE


Before I jump for the Drawbacks of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 LTE, I would Like to share the specifications:

GeneralRelease dateApril 2014Battery capacity (mAh)6800Removable batteryNoSAR valueNADisplayResolution800×1280 pixelsHardwareProcessor1.6GHz dual-coreProcessor makeIntel Atom Clover Trail+RAM1GBInternal storage16GBExpandable storageYesExpandable storage typemicroSDExpandable storage up to (GB)64CameraRear camera3-megapixelFlashNoFront camera1.3-megapixelSoftwareOperating SystemAndroid 4.2Java supportYesBrowser supports FlashNoConnectivityWi-FiYesWi-Fi standards supportedNAGPSYesBluetoothYesNFCNoInfraredNoDLNANoWi-Fi DirectNoMHL OutNoHDMINoHeadphones3.5mmFMNoUSBMicro-USBCharging via Micro-USBYesProprietary charging connectorNoProprietary data connectorNoNumber of SIMs13GNoVoice CallingNoStylusNoSensorsCompass/ MagnetometerNoProximity sensorYesAccelerometerYesAmbient light sensorYesGyroscopeNoBarometerNoTemperature sensorNo


Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 LTE

#1. Android 4.2

This is the biggest and serious problem I noticed in galaxy Tab 3 10.1 LTE, They should have released with Android Kitkat, We are far away from the earlier 4.2

#2. Processor is not Good

Another major disadvantages I see is the Tab comes with Intel Processor, I don’t know why don’t they consider snapdragon. It should have much better If they use snapdragon

#3. No 3G

Man, this is seriously insane. It doesn’t support 3G. Really the biggest drawbacks of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1. And not even the stylus

Some other Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 LTE

  1. No 3G
  2. No Wifi Direct
  3. No Video Calling
  4. No Fm
  5. No Stylus

These are some of the disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 LTE, Overall its of the most disappointed device from samsung. I would never buy this tablet

Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Price & Specifications

Waiting for Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Ok, let me tell you why you should not wait for Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Yeah absolutely I am going to explain the Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Note 3. No doubt, Samsung manufactures great smartphones, but hey, there is always some disadvantages. So here we go

Samsung galaxy note 3

Galaxy Note 3 Price: £649 or Rs 49,990

Cons #1. Big Size, Problem in Handling

They say Samsung Galaxy is now Bigger, Faster, and thinner. But they forgot that people still have problem handling the Big phat smartphone. This is one of the disadvantage of Samsung galaxy note 3, which will stop the fans to buy it.

Cons #2. High Price, but if you have then you can go with it

Many of Samsung Users found Galaxy Note 3 a bit pricey, for £649 you are getting the same a bit different features in Galaxy Note 3.

Cons #3. Battery drains as previous Galaxy smartphones

No much improvement has been seen in the battery. People often complain about the battery power of galaxy Note fones and unfortunately you will experience the same on Note 3 too

Galaxy Note 3 Specifications:

  • Android 4.3 with latest version of Touchwiz
  • 5.7-inch Super Amoled display, 1920×1080 resolution
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU in LTE variant
  • 1.9GHz Exynos Octa Core CPU in 3G variant
  • 13MP rear camera with LED Flash
  • 2MP front facing camera with BSI sensor and smart stabilization
  • Full HD 1080p 60fps video recording (4K recording available in some models)
  • NFC
  • Bluetooth LE
  • 32GB/64GB on-board storage, expandable via microSD card (upto 64GB card supported)
  • 3200mAh removable battery
  • microSIM card
  • S Pen with optimized features – Air Command: Action Memo, Scrapbook, Screen Write, S Finder, Pen Window, S Note, Multi Window, new Easy Clip, Direct Pen Input

Via Androidcentral

These are some of the disadvantages of Galaxy Note 3

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Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

So you want to know the Disadvantages of nuclear energy? No worries, In this article I am going through all the disadvantages of nuclear energy. Well I am not going to provide the advantages of Nuclear Energy Instead I will concentrate on Disadvantages. Read on and try to read the whole article from above to the last full stop to understand it in a better way.


You might Have heard of Hiroshima Nagasaki attack by United States. It was happened in the II world war by United states which leads to various hazard to people. Read some of the most Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

1) Radioactive minerals are becoming less.
2) Supply of high quality uranium, one of the raw material, will last only for few decades.
3) Nuclear waste damage the environment and the main source is Nuclear plants.
4) Nuclear wastes are stored in the areas where it damages the environment.
5) The danger of accidental discharge of radio activity also exists.
6) Starting a nuclear plant requires huge capital investment and advanced technology, this is one other major disadvantage.
This is not just the end there are lots of other Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy, But I am limiting here.Thanks for reading visit again