Disadvantages & Advantages of Samsung Galaxy A3, Specs and Price

Samsung is all set to release its latest series of smartphones called as Alpha. Within the series, the company will be commencing the launch with 3 major smartphones Galaxy A3, A5, and A7 with metallic edges featuring in all of them. The Federal Communications Commission, however, has only approved the release of the A3 so far.

Samsung Galaxy A3

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Galaxy A3 is said to be similar to that of Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, when it comes to design. Amongst the upcoming three Samsung Alpha series handsets. This sleek new phone is the cheapest. Its design is something to write home about, thus, techies are still excited. A change for Samsung consumers will be positively experienced as its frame is made metallic instead of the usual plastic, with the introduction of the A3 design.

The Galaxy A3 will resemble an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s, even though, it allots for two SIM cards instead of 1. Beyond that, the design of the Galaxy A3 will also be somewhat of a change for Samsung consumers as its frame is made metallic instead of the usual plastic. Even though the Galaxy A3 will resemble an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s, it has slots for two SIM cards.

Below are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy A3

Advantages of Samsung Galaxy A3

#1. It is inexpensive :The price of the mobile phone, although, not quoted, is less than the later too. And thus it is an affordable phone, with satisfying

#2. Camera is Ok: Although, it has 5MP camera, it is sufficient & it offers sufficient clarity. Yet it is not as good as that of the 8MP camera that is available to you in Karbonn & Micromax. Still it is better than the previous MP’s it offered.

#3. Internal Storage is high: The Samsung Galaxy A3 comes with the internal memory of 8GB which is quite amusing & exciting for the Samsung lovers.

#4. Great Processor: The Samsung Galaxy A3 comes with an astounding 64-bit processor. A start of new generation, perhaps, with the processor as good as that of Apple iPhone 6.

#5. Aesthetic Appeal: The new metallic introduction in the Samsung family is quite a treat for it users. And they are all amused to get their hands on this handset as soon as possible.

Now Let us learn some Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy A3

Drawbacks of Samsung Galaxy A3

#1. Camera is not sufficient for Photography Lovers: In today’s world, 5MP is not enough to fulfill your needs, with the array of mobile phones, in the range of 8MP & 13MP being released, in possibly the same amount, when it is announced. Camera of this device, just not lives up to the hype. All in all If you love photography this phone is definitely not for you

#2. Non-Removable Battery: Although its not a major disadvantage, but still people find it quite annoying. Mostly at the time when the device hangs and doesn’t respond.

#3. Battery Power is Low: Another disadvantage of Samsung Galaxy A3 is, its offers only 1900 mAh battery which is quite low as per the demand. However the final result will be out when we actually get hands in with this device

There is no other disadvantages we found at this time, but definitely we will update the articles when we find any more drawbacks from Galaxy A3

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy A3:

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